Terms Of Use


NAMAH Global is a technology enabler for a marketplace where Students, Colleges, Companies, Recruiters and Professional Trainers can subscribe and gain access to this unique offering and derive mutual benefits. Through this marketplace NAMAH Global will strive to provide job and placement opportunities to students, colleges and educational institutes to the best of its ability without any commitment or guarantee of job to any student or college or educational institute. NAMAH Global is a marketplace and a listing/ aggregation website wherein our endeavor is to sign up as many companies, corporates, SMEs and SMBs under our umbrella and thereby provide opportunities to the students, colleges and educational institutes. Under any circumstances, NAMAH Global does not guarantee jobs and placements to anyone either in the paid subscription category or the free category. The Online and Offline Services provided by NAMAH Global to its paid users are to help the users to groom themselves, gain insights and gear themselves to meet the global challenges. These Online and Offline services are by no means a platform to get jobs nor are any certifications.